About Me

I am the Chief Information Officer for Arizona Western College in sunny Yuma Arizona.   When I am not managing their technology, I am involved in one of my many hobbies. I am most passionate about photography, astronomy, and videography.

I take my camera everywhere I go, as I never know what I am going to encounter.  I enjoy taking sunrise, sunset, moon shots, aerials, and anything in-between.

So a quick bio:

First - I am thankful for my mother and father.  Without them, and their continuous support and encouragement, there is no telling where or what I would be today.

I have had a diverse career over my 40+ years.  From the distinct honor of serving in the United States Marine Corps, in law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff, and now on to a role in education as a CIO over Technology. Each one of these careers has been a challenge, and each have built upon the other in experiences, influence, life goals, and how I view the world. 

I currently hold a Masters in Information Systems Management from Keller School of Management and a Bachelors Degree in Technology Management from DeVry University.

My photography is self taught - leaning on experience, practice, or the Internet for resources.

Here is a quick list of my photography equipment.

Sony A7Rii
Sony FE 4/24 - 105mm G lens
Sony FE 100-400mm G lens
Slik PRO 823 CF Carbon Fiber Tripod
Smith-Victor BH8 Ball Head
Lowepro and Tenba Camera  Bags

A list of my astronomy equipment.

Askar FRA300 60mm Astrograph
SVBony SV503 102mm ED 
Meade SN10 Schmidt Newtonian 
Skywatcher EQ6 - R Pro Go to Mount
Celestron Skywatcher -  90mm  Maksutov-Cassegrain  w/ Merlin/Orion mount
Misc. Eyepieces, T-Rings, adapters, etc.

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