Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunrise over Signal Mountain

As the sun rises it baths the Teton Range and valley in a swath of golden hues.

As the sun rises it baths the Tetons and valley in a swath of golden hues.

I recall getting up about 5A.M. that morning to catch this sunrise. Driving the few miles from Jackson Lake Lodge to Signal Mountain in the dark seemed to take hours as I was being ever cautious of the elk that like to hang out on the road.

My arrival at the summit was met with solitude as not many would care to venture out in the brisk coolness of the morning.  Those that did were probably at more obvious scenic points like Ox Bow Bend, or the overlook at Snake River.

Signal Mountain has the most spectacular views of the Tetons and valley that you could image.    It only rises a mere 500ft or so from the surrounding valley floor, but gives you the sense that you are eye level with the Tetons and an open panoramic of the landscape around you.


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